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Support your organisation's innovators

A collaborative software platform for finding partners, funding, and team members for projects, while streamlining reporting processes and impact pipelines.
Our Story

Our founders met during a Master’s degree, sharing a passion for purpose-driven projects and knowledge exchange.

Our Mission

To accelerate innovation pipelines, bring impactful ideas to market and translate knowledge into society.


From idea to evaluation KEVRI is an all-in-one software platform for innovation management

Who are we

How it works

Turn ideas into impact

With a collaborative project feed, staff members can share their projects internally as a call-out for team members, specific expertise, partners or funding. 

This can be used to address industry challenges, internal funding rounds or to facilitate cross-departmental collaborations.

Collaborating at Work
Data on a Touch Pad

Build an innovation ecosystem

Our license packages offer a comprehensive array of online resources tailored to cultivate collaboration and foster impactful culture as well as engagement from staff.


Furthermore, our API suite integrates with your existing systems, allowing you to build organisation-wide efficiencies.

Report on what matters

Our software minimises administrative burden by automatically mapping project data to relevant reporting frameworks.

If you are a university this could include the KEF, HEBCI or HEIF frameworks. 
Or any organisation can build their own framework based on your own strategic objectives.

How it works



Customise teams, settings and objectives for your university or organisation.



Staff log their ideas and projects, receiving guidance on how to plan and evaluate impact.



Share ideas on a live feed to secure funding, partners and team members.



Make data-backed decisions to enhance innovation and impact pipelines.

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Patrick Hayes
Chief Development Officer,
Times Higher Education

''KEVRI provides a ground-breaking solution, helping institutions to demonstrate impact, whether it be a funding bid or marketing collateral.​

It promises to save professionals a lot of time and effort, and to ensure they have all the data they need about the impact they create ahead of time.''​

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